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Why Sell to Revere Jewels

Not every item has the same selling potential, the same market value or the same appreciation or depreciation over time. Every item is completely unique based on brand, quality, flaws, age and many, many other factors. When a piece of jewelry is examined by Revere Jewels, it will be looked at on a granular level.

Fairly Evaluating Your Jewelry Piece

Every single factor is taken into consideration before a valuation is given – even if an older appraisal exists, and whether we’re appraising a single item or a full estate sale.

As you can see, Revere takes jewelry very seriously. We are not in this business to make a quick buck. Especially when it’s such an emotional exchange. We have a passion for jewelry and a passion for people. We understand jewelry from many aspects and angles that not every buyer does and how and where to repurpose it. For that reason, we can offer some of the best pricing in this business.