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Appraisal Process

You deserve a fair price on your item and Revere Jewels is celebrated for paying top dollar. During the pandemic we are offering online appraisals.  Using your phone you can upload us images and documents that will start the appraisal process. We’re committed to getting you the appraisal you deserve, even if you’re not near one of our offices. We offer a variety of hassle-free ways to ship your piece or pieces to Revere Jewels at no cost to you.

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    Step 1 | Free Appraisal Using Your Phone To Send Us Images and Certification Documents

    First, we’d like to determine a very loose range on the worth of your piece. We can do this using any paperwork you may have – GIA certifications, insurance appraisals, local jeweler estimates or even recent photos. You can upload photos and certifications to us using your phone and the form below. Once we determine a rough window of monetary value, we will insure your piece and provide the necessary labels and instructions to safely ship your item. We prefer shipping through FedEx Overnight thanks to its security and timeliness, but we’ll work with your courier of choice.

  • Step 2 | No Obligation Offer

    Once we receive your jewelry piece or pieces, we are able to assess certain things that may not have been included in your appraisal or similar paperwork. We assess color, clarity, inclusions and flaws, all of which can impact the price range given upfront. If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with our final offer, we will send your jewelry piece(s) back to you at no charge.

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    Step 3 | Secure Payment

    If you accept our offer, we’ll pay you immediately via wire transfer or cashiers check. We take our relationship with each of our customers very seriously, and we’re confident in our ability to accurately and fairly appraise and price jewelry. That’s why we openly encourage you to get your jewelry appraised at other locations. Because we’re fair and honest in our pricing, we’re never afraid to verify our appraisals with a second opinion.

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