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Company Profile

Revere Jewels is a top resource for international buyers and sellers of contemporary and antique jewelry as well as valuable watches. Firmly rooted in Beverly Hills, with a satellite office in Texas and a global reach of contacts, Revere has earned a name for themselves through decades of reputable dealings, above market appraisals and offers, unparalleled expertise and worldwide acquisition.

Understanding the Jewelry Industry

Owners Steve Hami and Avida Giloh decided to “cut out the middleman” after having worked on virtually every side of the jewelry industry. Hami, born into the business to gemologists and learning from a young age how to literally scour the floor for diamonds, later partnered with major jewelry designers for Neiman Marcus and Saks before forging the relationship with Giloh.

Giloh, who learned the business immediately after getting out of the army, was under the tutelage of jewelry experts overseas before seeing the kinship and potential with Hami. Both watch connoisseurs and well-versed in the wholesale jewelry market, Hami and Giloh merged their knowledge and Revere Jewels, focused largely on the acquisition of jewelry, was born.

Buying Diamonds and Fine Jewelry with You in Mind

Revere Jewels is not your typical diamond buyer. Customers forge a long-standing relationship with Revere’s staff, similar to how you treat family. They educate every customer who walks through their door in a comfortable, no-pressure setting. They pay top dollar for everything from scrap gold to engagement rings and they cater to the emotional needs of their base.

Revere has earned its stripes in the business organically, earning the respect of those in the industry globally and also of its local and domestic customer base. Positive review after positive review and growing word-of-mouth is what built Revere into the trusted business it is today.