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Revere Jewels, Premier Jaeger LeCoultre Watch Buyers

Jaeger-LeCoultre11Revere Jewels, the premier Jaeger LeCoultre watch buyers based in Beverly Hills, understands each of the collections of this iconic timepiece brand as revolutionary and highly valued for their exquisite craftsmanship. Of course, Revere sells watches to its specialty clients, as well.

Jaeger LeCoultre watch brand are best at the art of transforming small pieces of metal into a mechanical marvel. Producing the simplest watch calls for over 1,434 different operations. The manufacture offer the most visionary spirits an exceptional body of development resources expertise and production facilities in order to give life to the mildest projects.

Speaking of projects, JLC makes it their mission to protect some magnificent pristine underwater environments. They became aware and wanted to preserve biodiversity. And thanks for their financial donations, many marine sites are now protected. Jaeger LeCoultre also sponsors “Tides of Time” which publish pages on certain regions facing threats, such as poaching, extinction of various species, Climate change, and much more.

Jaeger watches are prized and compelling, fascinating intricacy that harmonizes the different functions into one overall picture of engineering and watchmaking ingenuity. The continuous success is made possible by the  quest for perfection and balance. There is no doubt that JLC has struck greatness already for bringing into existence some of the finest watches in the world. The unifying strand of Jaeger LeCoultre watchmaking is a utilitarian ethic that gives their watches a notable separate character from it’s competitors.

The best brands make their own (in- house-movements) and even better their own cases, dials and hands. JLC has the ability to make most watch components-in-house. This gives them an immense level of control over quality as well as a great level of flexibility when it comes to design & experimentation. For this reason they are able to create such diverse range of timepieces each with unique designs and often unique movement.

The credibility with watch and fashion lover is insanely high. The designs range from classically elegant to ambitiously sporty. Each with a quality sense of good European taste. The diverse watches give this brand a complex personality that can be difficult to define.

At Revere Jewels, we’re here to expedite a fantastic deal for the sale or purchase of great Jaeger LeCoultre watches. As such, Revere Jewels will always pay or accept the highest market price. Please visit our central Beverly Hills office, which provides discreet privacy and complete security for all of our clients. All watch sales and purchase prices are dependent upon timepiece condition, desirability, age of watch, original packaging and authentication paperwork. Clients may either visit our office or call by telephone to receive a free estimate