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Revere Jewels, Top Vacheron Constantin Watch Buyers

10_0124_VACHERONCONSTANTIN_PatrimonyCalibreQP_b_6Revere Jewels, the top Vacheron Constantin watch buyers of Beverly Hills, views each collection of this timepiece brand as innovative and highly valued for their unparalleled craftsmanship. Revere sells Vacheron Constantin watches to its specialty clients, also.

This brand is a tradition born in Geneva, Vacheron Constantin founder of the spirit of technical & precious tradition. They have been making horological history for over 250 years, which is illustrated by it’s timepieces whose hand-finishing is of exceptional quality.

Vacheron Constantin Patrimony collection is what most people picture when they think of the brands products, simple yet sophisticated. These aren’t just dress watches, but rather dress watches with just the right amount of masculinity in there. They accomplish this by adding little details on the dial, such as sharp angles, instrumental looking minute track.

As a modern watch Patrimony models nevertheless take a lot of inspiration from the past, something that they clearly relies upon as a selling point. A few brands do dauphine hands just as Vacheron Constantin does. They are beautifully shaped, wonderfully cut and they are the perfect size. They know hoe to display pure lines & harmonious proportions.

There are still very few brands with an in house minute repeater caliber and of course Vacheron Constantin is one of them. The minute repeater is one of the rarest most prized compilations in all the high watchmaking. Vacheron has executed it masterfully.

Revere Jewels, we’re here to expedite a fantastic deal for the sale or of wonderful Vacheron Constantin watches. As such, Revere Jewels will always pay or accept the highest market price. Please visit our central Beverly Hills office, which provides discreet privacy and complete security for all of our clients. All watch sales and purchase prices are dependent upon timepiece condition, desirability, age of watch, original packaging and authentication paperwork. Clients may either visit our office or call by telephone to receive a free estimate