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How to Sell a Diamond Ring Online

EngagementFormImageThe first step towards selling a diamond ring online is making sure that you really should sell it online instead of selling it to your local jeweler. The best way to answer this question is to bring your diamond ring to your local jeweler first and see how much he or she is willing to offer you for it. We actually prefer that our clients compare our offers to those of other jewelry buyers.

When you do come to us, we’ll talk to you about the item you want to sell and decide if it makes sense for you and us to work together. If it looks like a good match for both of us, then we’ll email you a prepaid Fedex label that carries insurance for the full value of your diamond ring or other piece of jewelry. You just drop it off at a local Fedex office and we’ll have it in 24 hours.

Once we receive your diamond, it’ll be examined and appraised by an expert. We’ll make you an offer that is as close to market value as we can go. We’re confident that our offer will beat that of any other place you might choose to sell your diamond. If you accept our offer, you’ll have the cash within 24 hours of your acceptance. If you decide not to sell your diamond ring to us, we will pay to send it back you with the same express delivery service, fully insured at our expense.

In those cases where Fedex insurance won’t cover the full value of your diamond, we may either choose to fly out to visit you at a local bank or other secure location or we can even arrange an armored car and inspection shipping service. Our goal is to make sure every one of our clients is comfortable with our process and happy with the end result.
Selling a diamond ring online doesn’t have to mean that it’s a faceless, impersonal transaction. We’re happy to talk to you, person to person, to answer any questions or concerns you may have about selling your diamond ring or other fine jewelry online.

You can reach me at 888-619-7932 or 310-775-2025, or you can send an email to my iPhone by emailing me at [email protected]. You can also fill out our form here to tell me about the diamond you are selling and I will get back to you with a free appraisal of its worth.