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Revere Jewels, The Premier Louis Moinet Watch Buyers

Revere Jewels, the premier Louis Moinet watch buyers, views the collections of AP as truly first-class timepieces, which are highly valued for their unique craftsmanship. Of course, Revere sells Louis Moinet watches to its specialty clients, too.

Louis Moinet is the brand name that carries magnificent tradition. It carries the true works of horological art. Louis Moinet is one of the greatest of all time, he perfected the art science of measuring time, dealing with timekeeping apparatus.  His timepieces are distinguished by a strong identity with Guilloche dials hands and distinctive cases with screwed bezels. These high end pieces of the 18th century also feature exotic and extremely rare materials. Such as tropical fossilized palm wood, dinosaur bone or wondrous meteorites hailing from the Moon or mars. This brand was revived and the prestigious name of the inspirational master watchmaker. All timepieces are either exclusive limited editions or unique items.

Louis Moinet created a stunning exquisite timepieces for Napoleon and Josephine. Few years later a clock was made for King of Naples, as well for Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe, both Presidents of the US. And till this day the Minerva clock is still sitting proudly in the blue room as Thomas Jefferson intended. Not only did he create beautiful    mater pieces, but he also wrote a book that took him 2 decades to write. He threw all his knowledge into this book and it is still used till this day as a phenomenal reference.

In 2010 a lot of attention was brought forward for the “Meteoris” watch collection series which was priced at 4.6 million. Some may look at it as the solar system on your wrist. It comes with a set of four Tourbillon watches, Moinet decided to use pieces of meteorites to be a part of each watch which are limited edition watches. The Mecanograph watch has achieved third place in the classic watch place in the classic watch category in the international Chroeometry Competition 2013.

Jean-Marie Schaller wanted to stay true to Louis Moinet’s original spirits and to his work that was profoundly watchmaking in nature. This is what makes the watches unique and desirable. The various talents of the remarkable individuals to provide the legitimacy of Louis Moinet’s knowledge and his artistic inspiration through keeping his watches alive and true to their origin. The companies characteristics are known to be mechanical art in limited edition, something that is out of this world.

At Revere Jewels, we’re here to facilitate a great deal for the sale or purchase of great Louis Moinet watches. As such, Revere Jewels will always pay or accept the highest market price. Please visit our central Beverly Hills office, which provides discreet privacy and complete security for all of our clients. All watch sales and purchase prices are dependent upon timepiece condition, desirability, age of watch, original packaging and authentication paperwork. Clients may either visit our office or call by telephone to receive a free estimate.