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How to Sell an Antique Diamond Ring

eng551It’s customary to think that antiques have a higher intrinsic value simply because they are old, assuming they are in good condition. For furniture, artwork, and some other types of items, that may be true to a large extent. For diamonds, however, an older diamond ring may actually gain value by being stripped down and made new again by recutting the stone with modern techniques.

Diamond cutting techniques have imp[roved dramatically just in the last few decades since the 1970’s. that means that an expert diamond-cutter can take a diamond that was cut even with the best techniques of the day 40 years ago, and transform it into an even more valuable gem by applying a new cut pattern.

Antique jewelry or diamonds which have historical significance, of course, may have added value in their present conditions because of the story associated with their history. Older large diamonds without well-known reputations, however, may gain thousands of dollars in value with a new cut.

It’s not a cookie-cutter situation, but if it’s a larger stone, cut in the sixties, seventies, or even the eighties, before people were as knowledgeable about diamond cutting, we may be able to put a few hundred dollars into getting the stone recut and improve its value by thousands. If I see a diamond like that, I’ll give the customer a higher quote, perhaps even more than the value of the stone in its current shape.

That’s something that isn’t going to happen unless you’re dealing with an expert who can see the possibilities locked inside each diamond. It certainly won’t happen at a pawn shop or even a shop that specializes in antiques and antique jewelry. Our goal is to maximize the value of every item we buy, and we pay our clients a fair price based on our estimation of the item’s ultimate value.

Our business is based on trust and making sure that every client with whom we interact leaves us feeling as if they were treated fairly, with courtesy and respect. We want them to be sure that they have received the highest possible price for their item whether it is an antique diamond ring, a piece of modern jewelry, a loose diamond, or an entire collection of high-end jewelry. Everything we do is above-board. We encourage clients to go elsewhere and compare the price we offer to those of anyone else, anywhere in the country.

You can reach me at 888-619-7932 or 310-775-2025 or you can send an email to my iPhone by emailing me at [email protected]. You can also fill out our form here to tell me about the diamond you are selling and I will get back to you with a free appraisal of its worth.