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How to Sell Your Engagement Ring

A broken engagement can be an agonizing event. Sometimes, engagements are broken more or less amicably as both parties realize they may have made the decision too quickly, at other times, one party is so hurt by the actions of the other that they want nothing more to do with them. One memento remains even in these cases, the engagement ring. Often, in these cases, especially if the ring was not a family heirloom, the party that ends up with the ring just wants to get rid of it. Before trying to figure out how to sell your engagement ring, however, first make sure you have legal ownership of it.
While I don’t pretend to be a legal expert, according to findlaw.com, the law on who gets to keep the ring after a broken engagement varies by state. Most states consider an engagement ring to be a conditional gift that reverts to the giver in the event that a marriage does not take place for any reason. There are some states, however, that see things the other way. In any case, before you sell an engagement ring, be sure that you legally own it according to the laws of your state, or that the other party is not going to make a claim on it.
Once you’ve decided to sell the engagement ring, you’ll want to deal with someone who doesn’t use the emotional nature of the situation as leverage to get away with an unfair offer far below the ring’s fair market value. At Revere Jewels, that’s something we would never do. We certainly understand that situations where someone is selling an engagement ring may be difficult from many different perspectives. Worrying about an unscrupulous jeweler or pawn shop broker taking advantage of you shouldn’t be added to your burden.
Every piece of jewelry that we decide to buy receives an offer as close to market value as we can make it. We don’t start out low and make our customers negotiate for every dollar. We prefer to be honest and open about the value of every engagement ring or other piece of jewelry that we see.
We have a strong network of buyers for both unique, very expensive items and for more commercial jewelry items. That allows us to make offers that are among the best you’ll find. In fact, we encourage you to shop around for prices. We’re confident that you won’t get a better offer and very few, if any, dealers will match our price.
You can reach me at 888-619-7932 or 310-775-2025 or you can send an email to my iPhone by emailing me at [email protected]. You can also fill out our form here to tell me about the diamond you are selling, and I will get back to you with a free appraisal of its worth.