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Revere Jewels, The Top Patek Philippe Watch Buyers In Los Angeles


Revere Jewels, top amongst the premier Patek Philippe watch buyers, sees the collections of this time-honored brand as singular, highly valued for their unique craftsmanship. Of course, Revere sells Patek Philippe watches to its specialty clients, as well.

The vision that came long with Patek Philippe watch brand is defined by it’s personality, long-term quality and classic looks. The research corresponding with excellent technology created a reliable, stunning timepiece. Patek Philippe represents values of their very essence, and will continue to do so for generations to come. Only the very best materials go into these watches, and only the very best crafts-mans are who work exclusively on them.

This is a watch brand that that is meant to impress and does that very well. They can stand up against any other watch brand and has it’s own uniqueness in it’s appearance and presence.Actor Charlie Sheen, Musician John Mayer, and Actor Brad Pitt are big fans of Patek Philippe and have been seen wearing  them on a daily basis. because each Patek Philippe watches are masterpieces with rich history and advanced watch technology.

At the top of collectable vintage list are Patek Philippe watches. The rare 18k pink gold Patek Philippes date only 1997 netted $452,000 in an auction this passed June.  Another unique watch is the Heavenly Patek Philippe 44mm Rose Gold, its one of a kind. It shows night sky of the northern hemisphere as it rotates backwards. This was auctioned off at $750,000. Must be some extraordinary watch.

Revere Jewels is astonished at the high voltage popularity that Patek Philippe has established for themselves. And with that we are honored to buy Patek Philippe along with selling these watches to it’s specialty clients as well. At Revere Jewels we’re here to make sure the process is easy and you get the highest amount for your Patek Philippe. Feel free to stop by in our Beverly Hills office or fill out a form about your watch on this page.