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Revere Jewels, Leading Panerai Watch Buyers


Revere Jewels, the leading Panerai watch buyers in Beverly Hills, they see the collections of this line of watches as highly sought after and valuable whether new or used. Of course Revere sells Panerai watches to it’s specialty clients, as well.

This brand of Italian origin, is instantly recognized for it’s oversized case, and unique dial design. Panerai is not just like any watch, their styles are simple, and based on an old military design. It captures a look that is quite appealing to anyone with a eye for luxury and class. With Panerai you will discover ultimate Italian luxury, they are famously-eye catching. And since they create a high demand for their pieces and long waiting lists due to their special, limited editions, these are the watches you want to jump on before their gone.

With only a few dozens of the Panerai Kampfehwimmer watches ever made, case designed and made by Panerai, but movements from Rolex, this model costs 1 Million dollars and is the most expensive Panerai ever made. The Second most expensive Panerai watch is the Panerai Slytech watch, where recent bids have seen potential buyers as much as $400,000, along with the Panerai Marina Black seal watch sold for this same amount.

I guess price doesn’t matter when it comes to Panerai watches. The simplicity and dial layout is highly desirable for a day and night watch. The quality, style and fit of the watch is extraordinarily valued by the owners and buyers of this watch brand. So don’t second guess yourself purchasing or parting with a Panerai watch. At Revere Jewels, we’re here to make this process easy and give the top dollar for your Panerai timepieces. With our discreet private office in Beverly Hills we provide security for all our clients. Or you may fill out a form with information about your watch on this page.