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Revere Jewels, The Premier Rolex Watch Buyers

rolex-oyster-perpetual-datejust-2-rolesor-watch-6-1Revere Jewels, top amongst the premier Rolex watch buyers in Beverly Hills, sees the collections of this time-honored brand as singular, highly valued for their unique craftsmanship. Of course, Revere sells Rolex watches to its specialty clients, as well.

Indeed, nothing says “you have arrived” like the iconic luxury Rolex watch, a timeless blend of grandeur and confidence that shines like a beacon as you enter a room. For those who know firsthand, it’s the true pleasure of a lifetime to own a Rolex watch – and if you haven’t owned one yet, then you haven’t lived life. The simplicity and beauty of a Rolex is one-of-a-kind, drawing the attention of aesthetic purists who seek greatness in both the form and function of fine time ware.  Truly, there is something special about Rolex timepieces that set them apart from all other luxury watches gilding wrists around the globe.

Amongst the many reasons for its renown, Rolex was the very first watch to be submerged over 36,000 feet below the surface of the ocean. During its decent and upon its return ashore, it worked superbly, keeping perfect time. Perhaps, it’s the fine styling and exquisite materials utilized in the creation of these incredible timepieces, which variably include palladium, 22K gold and the very best natural diamonds found around the world. Incredible care and craft has gone into every line of Rolex made since the company began nearly a century ago in Switzerland. Rolex is also responsible for developing some of the most important technological achievements in timepiece history, from the self-winding watch to the precise quartz movement elements that many other brands use today.

As the prestige of this luxury watch brand name increased throughout the 20th century, many in the spotlight bought their Rolex as both a symbol of status and luxury. The King of Rock n’ Roll, Elvis Presley, proudly wore the ultra-modern, minimal, limited edition, King Midas Rolex watch in the 1970s. Today, many notable personalities wear Rolex watches, from former United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Emmy Award-winning actress Jennifer Anniston to Grammy Award-winning rock n’ roll icon Eric Clapton and Academy Award-nominated actor Brad Pitt.

Hans Wilsdorf, the founder of Rolex, dreamed of a day when watches would be worn on the wrist and not only be elegant and desirable, but truly reliable. He prized his Rolex watch for its accuracy, beauty and potential to add value to its owner’s life. To Rolex owners everywhere, their timepieces are the mark of luxury and distinction – something special to be worn with pride.

The Rolex GMT-Master II is a favorite model amongst many Rolex watch lines for travellers because of its multiple time zone capabilities. In the words of www.Rolex.com, GMT-Master II is “invaluable to those whose professions involve long-distance travel.” Who wouldn’t want a watch that meets your needs no matter where you are? Now, the Rolex GMT-Master II ranges in price from $27,000 to $80,000+, depending on material – from yellow gold to platinum. Regardless of cost, every Rolex will surely make heads turn.

As Rolex retains its value very well over time, and has gained an unparalleled reputation, these special timepieces can always be sold quickly and easily with a minimal loss to sellers. Rolex timepieces are always a good investment and asset, enabling owners to liquidate for high resale value in the event of financial disruption or setback. Revere Jewels is the best jeweler in Los Angeles to go to when looking to buy or sell that unique Rolex for you or someone special in your life.

At Revere Jewels, we’re here to facilitate a great deal for the sale or purchase of great Rolex watches. As such, Revere Jewels will always pay or accept the highest market price. Please visit our central Beverly Hills office, which provides discreet privacy and complete security for all of our clients. All watch sales and purchase prices are dependent upon timepiece condition, desirability, age of watch, original packaging and authentication paperwork. Clients may either visit our office or call by telephone to receive a free estimate. You may also tell us about your watch on this page.