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How to Sell High Quality Diamond Rings

EngagementFormImageHigh quality diamonds can be worth quite a bit of money. Additionally, they often carry sentimental value because they are traditionally given as gifts of endearment. Whether for an engagement, wedding, anniversary or other important life event, the stone is intended to serve as a brilliant reminder of a joyous occasion.

Of course, things don’t always go as planned in life. Sometimes relationships sour to the point where what was once a very special gem becomes an emotional lodestone that can drag you down into a past you’d rather forget. When that happens, of course, you can always put the old ring in the back corner of a dark drawer in your jewelry case and try to forget about it, or you can make a more permanent severance.

Selling an engagement ring or other diamond jewelry can be as easy as walking down to the local pawn shop and taking the first lowball offer they give you, but with just a little more effort (filling out an online form or talking to one of our experts on the phone) you can get what is almost guaranteed to be a much higher offer. At Revere Jewels we make offers based on the latest market value for diamonds of the size, cut and quality matching what you have.

Unlike a pawn shop, we have extensive lists of buyers around the world. When we make an offer, we’re not out to see how little you’ll accept in your effort to get rid of a diamond that you no longer want. We understand that while it may represent unpleasant memories for you now, it still has a real value and you deserve to be paid based on that value. In other words, we respect you and your situation.

Because we know our offers are not only fair, but likely to be higher than those of just about anyone else who might be interested in purchasing your diamond, we encourage you to shop around for better offers either before or after you hear how much we’re willing to pay. Once you do and decided to sell to us, we’ll do everything we can to make the process easy for you. We pay all costs associated with our appraisal and the sale including all shipping charges, insurance to make sure you’re protected from loss while the diamond in en route to us, and the appraisal itself is completely free as well.

You can reach me at 888-619-7932 or 310-775-2025 or you can send an email to my iPhone by emailing me at [email protected]. You can also fill out our form here to tell me about the diamond you are selling and I will get back to you with a free appraisal of its worth.