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The Best Way to Sell a Diamond Ring

Buying a diamond can be a daunting experience. You can look at advertisements and visit local jewelers to get some idea of the going rates before you begin discussing a purchase with a jewelry dealer.  But when it comes to selling a diamond ring, comparing retail prices for similar pieces, if you can find one, isn’t likely to provide much help.

Selling a diamond ring like this can be trickyThe best way to sell a diamond ring, though, still involves comparison shopping, although it may take a little more effort on your part. To find the best price for your diamond ring, you’ll have to show it to potential buyers and let them make offers. The best prices are going to come from buyers with the highest level of expertise. These are the people who know the real value of your diamond and the current market.

Any diamond buyer offering you a fair price is going to encourage you to shop around and compare offers from several sources. I tell our customers to shop it around. I encourage everyone to see at least two or three people before they decide to sell. I’m very confident in our prices and I encourage everyone to shop us around so they know how good they are, too.

Deal with expert jewelers. When you get outside of larger cities, you are largely dealing with pawn shops. They throw out a very cheap price and try to hit home runs. I always offer a price that is very close to the market price which may leave less room for negotiation, but gives the customer the very best price.

You shouldn’t be afraid to sell your diamond through reputable online buyers. With items insured for their full value and all expenses handled by the buyer, those wishing to sell their diamond for the best price, no longer have to be limited to their local jeweler or pawn shop. I find that some customers are wary of selling online, but when people can look at all our reviews and consider that we have fully insured, overnight shipping, it makes things a lot easier.

We receive the jewelry within 24 hours and we pay them within 24 hours. If the item’s value is greater than the amount that FedEx allows for insurance, we might fly out to see them or fly them in to see us. It all depends upon the item as long as it is comfortable for the client. We don’t ask clients to ship jewelry to us from overseas, but we’ve had clients fly in to bring special items for us to look at.

The bottom line when it comes to the best way to sell a diamond ring or any piece of expensive jewelry is to make sure you get offers from several reputable dealers and do business with the one that makes you feel comfortable, both with their offer and their business practices.
If you have questions or want us to give you a price for your diamond ring, we’re open Monday through Thursday from 9:00-6:00 PST and on Fridays from 9:30-2:30.

You can reach me  at 888-619-7932 or 310-775-2025 or you can send an email to my iPhone by emailing me at [email protected].  You can also fill out our form here to tell me about about the diamond you are selling and I will get back to you with a free appraisal of its worth.

Steve Hami
Revere Jewels