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Where to Sell Diamonds: What The Rubik’s Cube Tells Us About Value

What does a Rubik’s cube have in common with a rare diamond? More than you might think. Nothing proves rarity quite like setting a record for it, as shown by the media buzz caused after a world record was set by Fred Cuellar, founder and CEO of Diamond Cutters International (DCI). Cuellar created a diamond Rubik’s Cube Masterpiece that the Guinness Book of World Records has acknowledged as the “World’s Most Expensive Toy.”

The cube costed a whopping $2.5 million to make. Cuellar, the inventor of this version of the Rubik’s cube, said that creating a rare piece of jewelry as a fitting tribute to the Rubik’s cube was not an easy task.

“When I first saw his plastic toy I thought to myself, this is far too incredible a puzzle; it needs to be made of the finest most precious material,” Cuellar said. “I had to honor Rubik and ultimately Planck, using my own skills and talents, so I created the Rubik’s Masterpiece.”

How does a rare invention tell you how to or where to sell diamonds? The Rubik’s cube masterpiece proves that quality is king, and will always be recognized as such. Even original Rubik’s cube inventor Erno Rubik called Cuellar’s version of his puzzle a masterpiece worth so much more than it’s cost to compose, saying: “This is my Mona Lisa.”

In short, the moral of the story is that if you have quality jewelry to sell, it will be bought. To contact us to see if your jewelry qualifies, see our Contact Us form.