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What to Do With Old Rings: Online Advice About Selling Wedding and Engagement Jewelry

At Revere Jewels, we pride ourselves on thinking outside of the box. We see the need to address an issue: where and how to resell your wedding and engagement rings. Blog entries on the subject are hard to come by, and so this entry is geared toward the subject of helping you to move above and beyond bad past karma and possibly even a bad financial state. Wherever you stand, there are some important things to keep in mind, including seperating emotions from the sale of your jewelry to being open to remaking the ring into bling that works for you.

Seperate Emotion From the Sale:
Parting can be such sweet sorrow when selling back a wedding or engagement ring that once symbolized true love. It could be argued that no one knows the sentiment of bittersweet selling better than a recent engagement ring buyer, who shared his tale of love and loss: after buying his girlfriend the dream ring, he found out that his girlfriend was cheating on him. Not one to be defeated, he sold it on eBay. In this seller’s case, he bought a full-scale suit of armor modeled after Master Chief from Halo, but the purchase doesn’t have to be anything even nearly as outlandish.

The process of selling jewelry can be cleansing on its own, according to Revere Jewelers client and Yelp User, Kathleen S. She shared her experience with selling jewelry at a reputable establishment:

“I was selling some old jewelry and that in itself can feel awkward. I felt so comfortable that anyone who wants to sell gems or gold should go there.”

Of course, not everyone wants to get rid of their wedding or engagement ring. For them, recycling might be the best option.

Rock the Ring in a Different Form:
Sometimes its hard to seperate yourself from a beautiful piece of jewelry. Rocking the ring on a different finger and being asked about it isn’t very appealing, so why not think outside the ring box? By melting the gold or taking the diamond and centering it into a necklace, bracelet, or other piece of jewelry, the old becomes the new without any ‘good bye’ on your part. A jeweler can take components of your ring and do wonders, including making cost effective pendants out of a gold chain with your diamond attached.

No matter how you plan to make a new start out of an old piece of jewelry, always remember to educate yourself on the resale (not retail) value of your diamonds and gold.