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Sell Jewelry in Los Angeles with Revere Jewels

sell jewelry in Los AngelesIf you are looking to sell jewelry in Los Angeles to cash in on your unwanted jewelry, bring it in to Revere Jewels! Revere Jewels is the top buyer of high end jewelry, antique jewelry, estate jewelry, diamond jewelry, engagement rings, and more. We have a bank on site and can help you with an appraisal on site to get you your money quickly!

Revere Jewels is located in Beverly Hills and can offer you an on-site appraisal of your high end jewelry. And don’t even think about going to a pawn shop to sell your jewelry because you won’t get nearly enough money for them. That’s because they don’t have the experience and training to know exactly how much each piece of jewelry is actually worth. Take a trip to Beverly Hills to see Revere Jewels if you are going to sell jewelry in Los Angeles. We will pay you more than any of those pawn shop or other jewelers you can sell jewelry in Los Angeles at.

If you cannot come to our store, you can also sell jewelry online with our secure shipping process and prompt payment policy.

For a free appraisal:

Call Revere Jewels: 888-619-7932

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