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Pawn Shop that Buys Diamonds

Sell Diamonds

You will always find Pawn shops willing to buy diamonds from you for whatever price they/their business can afford

. The amount quoted for your diamond is generally street price and low because they have no assurance that whether or not they’ll be able to resell the diamonds quickly.

Another downside of pawn shops is that most of them do not deal with serious quality high value items and those who do, will again have to arrange for money to pay you upfront.

Selling diamonds to Revere Jewels is a much better option than selling to pawn shops.

Firstly, we provide free appraisal by our team of professional and expert appraisers who have been in jewelry business since 25 years. Once we evaluate your diamonds, you are free to match the prices around with other buyers because we are sure that the amount offered by us is the highest.
If you decide to sell your diamond to us, we’ll arrange for a pickup or even a secure shipping method for you to send the diamond to us, or youcan simply walk into one of our offices and take back highest cash for your jewelry, no questions asked.