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Sell Fancy Color Diamonds

Sell fancy color diamonds to Revere Jewels. Revere Jewels has connections with buyers and collectors worldwide, which allows Revere Jewels to buy your fancy color diamonds for the highest prices out of any other buyer. No auction house, local jeweler, pawnshop or diamond retailer can offer you the high prices for your fancy color diamonds that Revere Jewels can.

Whether you are looking to sell a canary diamond, a blue diamond, a sapphire, ruby or any other type of fancy color diamond, Revere will provide you with a free appraisal and evaluation as well as free secure shipping so that you can sell your diamond from anywhere in North America. It only takes a few minutes to contact Revere Jewels and arrange the most convenient way for you to sell your jewelry. No matter where you are located Revere Jewels can have experts appraise and evaluate your diamonds.

Since Revere Jewels specializes in high value diamonds, such as fancy color diamonds, Revere Jewels can offer transportation through insured shipping companies, transport for your fancy color diamonds by armored vehicle and even have an appraiser meet you at a mutually agreed upon location to evaluate your diamond and make you a cash offer.

If you are looking to sell fancy color diamonds contact Revere Jewels today.FancyColorImage