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Sell Diamonds with GIA Grading Reports

Are you looking to sell diamonds with GIA grading reports? Then you need look no further than Revere Jewels where, if you are looking to sell a diamonds with GIA grading reports, you can receive a cash offer before our experts have even seen your diamond.

To sell a diamond with a GIA (Gemological Institute of America) grading report all you need to do is contact Revere Jewels. You can quickly and easily fill out an online appraisal form, including such information as the grading report number, and one of our expert appraisers will research your diamond and contact you with a tentative cash offer.

After you have contacted Revere Jewels, which you can also do by phone or email if you so choose, you can either visit our corporate offices in person or securely ship your diamond to our offices free of charge. Once we have received your diamond our experts will verify that it matches the grading report and will pay you the highest price possible for that diamond.

Whether you know the value of your diamond or are looking to get an appraisal or evaluation on your diamond Revere Jewels can provide the best services and highest prices paid in the industry. Choose Revere Jewels to sell diamonds with GIA grading reports.