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Sell Diamonds by Light Performance

If you want to sell diamonds by light performance then Revere Jewels is the place to go. Of course, thanks to modern technology, you don’t actually have to go anywhere, you can sell diamonds by light performance from your home.

Revere Jewels has provided a unique way to sell diamonds through our website. All you have to do is contact us by email, phone, fax or even in person if you would prefer. Revere Jewels has provided an easy to use complimentary consultation form online, which takes only a few moments to fill out and submit to us. Once you have submitted an online form, one of our experienced experts will contact you and find out how Revere Jewels can help you sell diamonds by light performance.

In cases of high-value items, which at Revere Jewels we specialize in, we may be able to send out an appraiser to meet you at a mutually agreed upon location such as a hotel or bank in your area to purchase your diamonds. If you have a certificate for the diamond you are looking to sell, such as a GIA certificate or brilliancescope evaluation, we may even be able to make you a cash offer before we see your diamond.

Revere Jewels will help you sell diamonds by light performance and get the absolute best price for them.