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Sell Diamonds Securely

At Revere Jewels you can sell diamonds securely. Not only do we offer secure shipping for your diamonds we also offer a reliable and trustworthy staff that will make sure your diamonds are appraised and evaluated fairly.

What makes Revere Jewels so trustworthy? For over 25 years Revere Jewels has been in the business of buying diamonds and we have seen many different kinds of companies that buy diamonds engage in practices that are unethical and questionable. Not only do the experts at Revere Jewels know what not to do from our competitors, we have experience in how treat a seller properly and fairly. That is why Revere Jewels is a member of the Better Business Bureau, to ensure trust with sellers, and in the time we have been a member of the BBB we have secured an A+ rating from those who have sold to us.

Revere Jewels offers secure methods for you to sell your diamonds such as secure shipping. Revere Jewels also works with shipping insurance companies and armored vehicle transportation companies for higher-value items as well.

There is no better place to sell diamonds securely than with Revere Jewels. Sell your diamonds securely with Revere Jewels today.