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Sell Diamonds by Fluorescence

When you are trying to sell diamonds by fluorescence it is crucial that you take your diamonds to an appraiser that understands the effect that fluorescence has on the value of a diamond and how to properly evaluate the presence of fluorescence.

At Revere Jewels our experts aren’t just appraisers but certified gemologists and diamontologists as well. This means that our experts will be able to tell you how much your diamond fluoresces and how much this will effect your diamond’s value. In some cases a bit of fluorescence can be a beneficial quality as it may increase the color of the diamond you are looking to sell, but in most cases the general attitude is negative toward diamonds that fluoresce. Though there is much debate over whether there is logic behind devaluing diamonds as a result of fluorescence or whether it has just become a flaw that has been picked out for very little reason, the experts at Revere Jewels will take a look at your diamond, provide a free appraisal and provide you with a cash offer. Our experts can provide services from a distance as well because, although Revere Jewels is located in Beverly Hills, we offer free secure shipping. Sell diamonds by fluorescence with Revere Jewels today.