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Sell Diamonds by Cut

Sell diamonds by cut with Revere Jewels. Revere Jewels is the best place to sell diamonds by cut, whether you have a diamond that is an Asscher cut, cushion cut, round cut, brilliant cut or fancy cut. There are many cuts of diamonds, each with a different value and the experts at Revere Jewels are the best equipped to appraise and evaluate your diamonds and provide you with the appropriate cash offer.

At Revere Jewels, when you sell diamonds by cut you know that you are going to get the best price possible for your item of value. Revere Jewels has been a trusted buyer of diamonds for years and has relationships with buyers and collectors around the world, which means we will be able to buy your cut diamonds quicker and for more money than a pawnshop or local jewelry store.

Revere Jewels is not limited by locality as we offer customers the ability to ship their cushion cut diamonds to us from around the world for a free appraisal. Don’t waste your time with other jewelry buyers when you can get the best service and price when you sell diamonds by cut to Revere Jewels.