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Sell Cushion Cut Diamonds

Get unmatched prices when you sell cushion cut diamonds to Revere Jewels. You can get those unbeatable prices by filling out an online appraisal form right now and have your cushion cut diamonds shipped directly to our offices in Beverly Hills free of charge.

The process of selling cushion cut diamonds to Revere Jewels is simple, easy and convenient for you. Fill out an appraisal form online, including basic information on yourself and any pertinent information on your cushion cut diamonds-especially if you have a certificate for your cushion cut diamond-and the experts at Revere Jewels will contact you immediately so that you can send in and sell your cushion cut diamonds.

When looking to sell cushion cut diamonds don’t use an auction house. Revere Jewels immediate cash payment for your cushion cut diamonds so that you don’t have to wait months to get your money and there are no fees charged to you when we buy your diamonds unlike with an auction house. Revere Jewels has over 25 years of experience purchasing cushion cut diamonds of all values, though we specialize in rare and expensive items so no matter how much your cushion cut diamond is worth we can offer you the right price.

Sell cushion cut diamonds today with Revere Jewels.