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Sell Diamonds Using a Certified Gemologist

Revere Jewels has certified gemologists on staff so that you can sell diamonds using a certified gemologist. The certified gemologists at Revere Jewels are experienced in evaluating diamonds of all shapes, sizes and cuts and are familiar with what features designate a round cut or brilliant cut diamond for example. If you are selling a diamond, whether it has been certified by a laboratory or not, the experts at Revere Jewels will be able to tell what type of diamond you own and help you in its sale. Not only are the trained professionals at Revere Jewels certified gemologists but they also have years of experience appraising as well as evaluating diamonds. When you sell diamonds using a certified gemologist, oftentimes a professional that is only a gemologist can tell you how rare a diamond may be and what makes it valuable without being able to appraise its actual worth in the marketplace. Because the experts at Revere Jewels have extensive experience in appraisal on top of being certified gemologists, this means that when you sell diamonds with Revere Jewels you are getting the most experienced professionals to provide you the highest cash offer possible. Make sure that if you are looking to sell diamonds using a certified gemologist that you choose the experts at Revere Jewels and get the most out of your sale.