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Sell Diamonds with Certification

Diamonds with certification are those that have been graded by a laboratory such as the GIA or AGS and when you sell diamonds with certification you can receive a cash offer from Revere Jewels without us having even seen the diamond itself. Of course we will have to make sure that your diamond is the same diamond you have provided a certification number with but once we know that your diamond has been graded and evaluated by a prestigious institution we can usually provide an immediate offer. When you sell diamonds with certification it is much easier and provides more integrity to the sale, allowing us to expedite the process of selling your diamond. At Revere Jewels you will find that you will get the largest amount paid directly to you when you sell diamonds with certification to us. The best part is that now you can sell diamonds with certification to us from your home anywhere in the United States. All you have to do is email, call or contact us using our online appraisal form and we will arrange for your diamonds to be securely shipped to us with optional insurance through reputable and well-regarded shipping companies. Contact Revere Jewels today to sell diamonds with certification.