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Sell Canary Diamonds

When you sell canary diamonds it is important to take them to an expert who can discern between the value of a yellow diamond and a canary diamond as there is a large discrepancy in worth between the two. Revere Jewels has certified diamontologists and gemologists on staff that have over 25 years of experience appraising canary diamonds and pricing cash offers that benefit the buyer. If you have a fancy color diamond, such as a canary diamond, that is fancy intense, fancy vivid, fancy yellow or fancy light yellow then the appraisers at Revere Jewels will be able to provide you with the highest prices in the industry for your sale.

Now when you sell canary diamonds to Revere Jewels you can get the highest prices from anywhere in the world. Revere Jewels has our corporate offices in Los Angeles but with secure shipping you can get your canary diamonds appraised by Revere Jewels no matter where you live. The companies through which we provide secure shipping also offer insurance options to make sure that if the unthinkable happens you are protected. Many of the shipping companies offer insurance up to and including $50,000 but we also work with other insured shippers that can insure canary diamonds of any value exceeding $50,000.

Sell canary diamonds to Revere Jewels, rated by the Better Business Bureau as an A+ member.