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Sell Asscher Cut Diamonds

Revere Jewels is the best place to sell your Asscher cut diamonds. We recognize that there are many places you can choose from to sell your diamonds and other kinds of jewelry, but Revere Jewels is the only buyer that offers the best of all of those outlets including the highest prices paid.

Don’t sell your Asscher cut diamonds through an auction house only to have to pay substantial fees for their involvement and have to wait months for payment. Don’t go to a pawnshop where their associates are not expertly trained in appraising and evaluating diamonds and where you run the risk of getting ripped off. Revere Jewels has over 25 years of experience evaluating and appraising Asscher cut diamonds and we provide those services for free to you. Revere Jewels will make sure that the process of selling your Asscher cut diamonds is prompt and that you receive your money in a timely and quick manner. Revere Jewels is also rated with the Better Business Bureau so that you can rely on your transactions with us being completely trustworthy and professional.

We encourage you to get written offers from other businesses so that you can help us provide you with the highest prices possible, but there is no need to accept their offer until you have seen for yourself that Revere Jewels WILL provide you with the largest cash offer possible for your Asscher cut diamonds.

Make the right decision and sell your Asscher cut diamonds with Revere Jewels today.