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The Best Way to Sell Jewelry

Revere Jewels offers the best way to sell jewelry know matter where you live! Our unique ability to let you sell jewelry from the comfort of your own home makes us completely accessible to everyone all the time. We will even provide a free expert appraisal if you are just thinking of selling jewelry and Revere Jewels offers no obligations to sell after your appraisal.


There are multiple ways of contacting Revere Jewels so that you can have your questions answered in the format most convenient to you. We have a quick form embedded on our website that you can submit to us electronically and will provide us with some basic information such as your name and phone number and then includes the type of inquiry you are looking to make, your preferred method of contact and an appropriate time to contact you.


We expanded our comment/question section so that you can make our agents aware of any questions or comments you may have. Then of course there are the more traditional methods like sending us an email or calling us by phone. If you live in the Beverly Hills area you can always stop in at our office as well.  We do our best to be completely accessible to you as the best way to sell jewelry.


At Revere Jewels we make it easy for you to securely ship your jewelry pieces directly to us for appraisal no matter where you live. This ability has opened the door for many of our clients to get the highest cash amounts for their pieces regardless of geographical location.


Take a minute and contact us today for the best way to sell jewelry. You won’t regret using Revere Jewels, our free appraisals, and by far the best way to sell jewelry online and in person!