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Sell Your Jewelry from Anywhere

hdayan_062711_emerald_necklace.jpgRevere Jewels has been a trusted member of the jewelry industry in helping people sell jewelry from anywhere online and in Beverly Hills for over 20 years and we are finally able to bring our services directly to you no matter where you are.

Our office is in Beverly Hills, California which means if you live in or around the area you are probably aware of our services and positive reputation. We have an impeccable A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and have strived for customer satisfaction the entire time we have been in business. With the help of modern technology we are now able to provide our services outside of the California area so our customers can sell jewelry from anywhere no matter where they reside.

Simply by filling out a quick contact form or connecting with us via our chat or more conventional means like email and phone, we will be able to get you a free evaluation of the jewelry you are wishing to sell for cash. That’s right a free evaluation from one of our expert appraisers is offered to you with no obligation, no expectation, whether you choose to sell jewelry to us or not. Our experience has been that once our customers have been informed of how much we can buy their jewelry for that they take us up on the offer immediately.

We offer the best cash value for you to sell your jewelry anywhere whether it be diamonds, engagement rings, gold watches, necklaces, gemstones, etc. We know that you want to be as thorough as possible and so we encourage you to do your research if you are hesitant about shipping your pieces to us or whether we will offer you the highest amount possible. We will be here to provide you with the best services possible when you find that we truly will offer you the most cash possible for your piece.

Fill out a contact form with Revere Jewels today and get on your way to getting big money fast.