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Free Appraisals for Fine Jewelry

lvs868_three_qrtrAs a member of the Better Business Bureau and a trusted buyer of jewels, jewelry, gold, diamonds and all other jewelry and jewelry related items Revere Jewels is the place that you want to bring your pieces to in order to get top dollar today. At Revere we are so confident in our ability to give you the best prices and services in the industry that we offer free appraisals for fine jewelry to anyone that comes into our office in Beverly Hills or ships their jewelry directly to our office. With our secure shipping you can rest assured that you will have access to our exceptional services no matter where you reside. In fact we are so sure of our services being the best in the industry that our free appraisals come with no strings attached, which means that you can decline our offer without any obligation.

To simply take you through the process of selling your pieces with us let us assume that you have a gold watch that you believe to be worth in the neighborhood of $50,000. We take items that are worth far, far less and far, far more than $50,000 but for the sake of example let’s use that figure. If you live near enough to Beverly Hills that it would be convenient for you to drive to our office then feel free to make an appointment and come in personally or if you have a collection or certain pieces we can sometimes send an expert appraiser out to you. If you live too far away from Beverly Hills or you would just prefer not having to make the commute you can ship your jewelry piece directly to us by using FedEx DVX (insured shipping specifically for diamonds and jewelry at $50,000 or less) or we can utilize an insured shipping company like G4S and sometimes even arrange transportation via armored car or truck through companies like Brinks and Dunbar. We appraise your piece and make an offer and you decide whether to accept it or not; if you choose to accept we cut you a check and if you choose to decline we ship your piece back to you.

With Revere Jewels it really is simple to access the best services in the jewelry industry in order to get the most out of your jewelry.