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Expert Buyers of Fine Jewelry

Revere Jewels are expert buyers of fine jewelry and now we’re looking to purchase your jewelry, diamonds, gemstones, etc. We can get you cash no matter where you live thanks to our secure shipping process. All you have to do is take a few minutes to contact us, which you can do in a number of ways.

You can call our office in Beverly Hills and come in personally if you live in the area, you can email us and get the information you need, you can fill out a quick contact form on our website by simply providing some information on what you are looking to sell and some basic information about yourself as well as a good time to contact you by phone, or you can chat directly with someone to get your questions answered immediately.

We are expert buyers of fine jewelry and we’ll get you the best quote possible for your jewelry for sale. It really is that simple to begin the process of selling your jewelry to the best buyer around and receive the most money possible from your piece.

No matter where you reside we can still buy your fine jewelry you are looking to sell. We are capable of accepting items and pieces through insured shipping so that you can take advantage of our services wherever you are. All it takes is a few minutes to contact us so that we can guide you through the process of buying fine jewelry from you and come to a solution that works out best for you and us.

If your piece is believed to be $50,000 or less you can ship your jewelry via FedEx DVX, if your jewelry is worth more than that amount we can set up shipping with other insured shipping companies, in some cases we can arrange transport through Brinks or Dunbar armored vehicles, and sometimes we can even make a trip out to your home and evaluate your jewelry. We are serious when we say we’re expert buyers of fine jewelry and we back that up by providing the most secure process to buy your fine jewelry.

Whichever option is chosen one of our expert appraisers will value your jewelry for you and we will make you an offer that you will want to take advantage of. Contact Revere Jewels today and get cash for your jewelry right away.