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The Best Place to Sell Jewelry

High-end-luxury-jewelry-font-b-Hope-b-font-Love-Zirconium-font-b-diamond-b-fontRevere Jewels knows how important it is to the client to receive the highest amount possible for their piece. Over the 20 years we have been in business we have experimented with many ways in which to purchase jewelry and diamonds that would be the most beneficial to the client. For many years we tried buying from pawnshops and jewelry stores but these methods did not allow us to provide the highest possible amount for the client and that is why we transact business differently now. We have brought our services directly to you with the help of the Internet.

Revere Jewels can buy jewelry from all over the country and the world now that we have figured out the best possible way to do so. All it will take from you is to fill out an application for evaluation on our website, which will take you only seconds to complete and submit. You give us some information on yourself and the piece that you are looking to sell and we contact you quickly to discuss the best way of handling the transaction. If you live close to the Beverly Hills area you can come into our office for the evaluation, but what most people choose is the ability to ship their piece or pieces from anywhere directly to us.

We use insured shipping for your pieces so that you are secure in knowing your pieces are being handled properly and once your piece arrives we will perform a free evaluation. If the amount we come up with is not what you are looking for then you have the ability to decline and have your piece returned to you. In our experience, however, we have found that those who seek out other alternatives tend to find out that we offer the highest amount of money possible and usually return to accept the offer we originally provided.

Choose Revere Jewels today: the best place to sell jewelry.