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Sell Your Diamonds Online

Revere Jewels wants to help you sell your diamonds online easily and quickly by giving you the highest possible amount of cash to buy your item or items. Whether you are looking to sell one piece of diamond jewelry or an entire collection we will get you top dollar, more than any other company or store will provide you.

We buy most diamond jewelry whether it is a diamond engagement or wedding ring, a gold watch, estate jewelry, fine jewelry, diamonds, gemstones, gold wedding bands; we will buy it from you so that you will have the money to pay off debts or help pay the mortgage or just so you can buy something nice for yourself.

Revere Jewels has been in the business of helping people sell diamonds online for over 20 years and we used to buy our inventory from pawnshops. We decided some time ago that it would be more beneficial for us and, more importantly, for the consumer and potential seller if we brought our services directly to him or her; the customer gets more money for the item they are looking to sell and we can then aid the sale to a potential buyer. We have many relationships with buyers around the world, which we have built up over the years and this allows us to turn the sale around quicker, which means more money in your pocket today.

We take sales of diamonds online not only in person at our office in Beverly Hills, now we can also buy from almost anyone through the Internet. All you have to do is contact us to sell your diamonds online and we can provide our service directly to you no matter where you are located.

Complete a quick form online today if you want to sell diamonds online and get your diamond jewelry appraised for free and cash in your hand quicker than ever.