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We Buy Diamonds, Engagement Rings, Gold Watches and More

Revere Jewels is a high-quality buyer of jewelry of many, many kinds and we want to bring the services we provide directly to you, regardless of where you are located.

At Revere we take fine jewelry, antique or estate jewelry, men’s jewelry, women’s jewelry, diamonds, gold watches, engagement rings, gemstones and more at just about any price level. We will offer you the largest amount possible for your valuable items and will be able to give you more cash than a local jeweler or retail store or chain could.

What we mean when we say that we will provide our services directly to you we mean it. You won’t even have to leave your house except to perhaps purchase postage and packaging in order to ship your item or items to us. It doesn’t matter if you don’t live in, near or around Beverly Hills, California because you can just ship your pieces to us for appraisal. Take a few minutes to fill out an online quick form to provide us with information about the piece you are looking to sell. Let us know what questions you have and what you think your piece might be worth roughly and when to contact you and we will contact you as soon as possible. You can also visit our location in Beverly Hills if you are in the area, call us, email us or connect with someone through our Bold Chat link (a representative is usually available until about 6pm Central Standard Time). However you choose to connect with us we can help you get your item shipped out securely and insured for the appropriate amount and have an offer ready for you very soon.

Revere Jewels wants to give you lots of cash for your jewelry. Let us give you that cash today by contacting us.