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The Best Place to Sell Jewelry for Cash

Revere Jewels is the leader in helping you buy and sell jewelry for cash online and in person. We know that you must have many questions and for more detailed answers you can reference our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), but we will be addressing some of those frequently asked questions right here.


One common question that we are asked about how to sell jewelry for cash online with us is how one starts the process of getting in touch with us. That is simple: all you have to do is fill out the form on our homepage to get a FREE EXPERT APPRAISAL or more information. Once we have been in contact we can set up the most secure way to handle your jewelry. For most transactions we will utilize FedEx DVX, which is specifically designed for shipping and insuring jewelry that is valued at $50,000 or less.


If your jewelry is worth more than $50,000 or you suspect it to be worth more than that amount we can work with specialized shipping insurance companies like G4S and for even higher value items we can work with armored car companies like Dunbar or Brinks. You can trust that shipping will be secure and insured with us.


If you find that once we have provided an assessment and an offer that you would like to decline, our assessment and appraisal are free to you with no obligation. We are confident in our reputation and our ability to offer you the greatest cash value possible and we encourage you to explore other offers because we are positive that once you have you will return to us for the best value.


Revere Jewels has been in the business of helping people buy and sell jewelry for cash for well over 20 years and we are excited for you to join our ever-growing clientele. Join us today and get your FREE EXPERT APPRAISAL.LVS446 -