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How To Get Cash For Jewelry Online

Revere Jewels offers in-store purchasing of jewelry, gold watches, engagement rings, gemstones and much more at our Beverly Hills location but we also offer our services to get you cash for jewelry online for your convenience and benefit.


Revere has over 20 years of experience buying and selling jewelry, which means that we are not only experts in our field we have the attendant connections that one makes in the industry over that period of time. What this means for you if you are attempting to sell your jewelry is that we can give you the highest amount possible.


We have built up these relationships with buyers and collectors over years and decades that come to us for their needs, which means we will have a high likelihood of getting you the best cash for jewelry you want to sell and recouping our investment. This way we can offer you the highest cash value possible.


Revere Jewels can offer you more than a pawnshop or retailer for many reasons. We have collected our inventory in the past from pawnshops but now we are coming directly to you as a mutual benefit to you the customer and to us as well. We are eliminating the middleman and that is what allows us to give you the highest cash value possible. A retailer or local store can be limited in their scope of buyers or limited to lower offers due to consignment.


All it takes to get in contact with us is a few seconds to fill out one of our online quick forms and we can have you connected to an expert appraiser in no time to see how much cash for jewelry you can get. We use secure and insured shipping and we are a member of the Better Business Bureau so that you know you can trust us with your valuable pieces.


Let Revere Jewels get you the money you need today for your jewelry.