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Sell Your Engagement Ring

Sell Engagement RingSell Your Engagement Ring – Revere Jewels knows how difficult it can be to come to the end of a relationship. It’s not only taxing on you emotionally it is faxing on you financially as well and we offer a service that can help you get back on track. We will buy your engagement or wedding ring as well as any other jewelry you may have that you are looking to part with. We will get you the money you need, now.

We will buy estate jewelry, gemstones, antique jewelry, new jewelry, wedding rings, engagement rings and any other jewelry you may be looking to sell. Don’t let that jewelry just sit around collecting dust or take up space in a random drawer, put it to good use and get money for it.

One of the hardest things to get through in life is the end of a meaningful relationship regardless of whether it was acrimonious or agreeable conclusion. If the relationship had progressed to the point of engagement or marriage and then fallen apart there is no need to have keepsakes or reminders of how the relationship fell apart. Sell that ring to us and you can go out and buy yourself something that you deserve and will help you put the whole thing out of your mind.

If you live in the Beverly Hills area you can come into our store and have the ring appraised for you there and then. If you live outside of the Beverly Hills area then we can offer secure, insured shipping for your ring and we will appraise it and contact you immediately to let you know how much we can give you.

Take the few seconds to fill out our online application and we will show you how easy and convenient selling your engagement ring or any other jewelry can be at Revere Jewels.