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Sell Diamonds

LVS446 -You can sell diamonds and jewelry of significant value to Revere Jewels and you will be guaranteed the highest cash offer. By incorporating our years of experience in retail and customer relations you can feel relaxed and assured by doing business either at Revere Jewels’ office, located in Beverly Hills, California, or from afar by using our unique secured-shipping features provided to allow sellers from anywhere in the U.S. the opportunity of receiving the most cash for their transaction. As a buyer who does also sell diamonds and jewelry, we understand the satisfaction derived from large amounts of cash.

If you are not yet convinced to sell diamonds and jewelry to us, we can understand the potential skepticism. By affiliating with the popular armored-transportation service, like Brinks or Dunbar, sellers should feel safer and more secure when selling to Revere Jewels. Call today to talk to a experienced professional to set-up an appointment for free appraisal!