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Best Place to Sell Diamonds

Best Place to Sell DiamondsIf you think the best place to sell diamonds is a pawn shop or small local jewelry store, you’re sorely mistaken. Local jewelry stores have the problem that their market is very small, which means they aren’t going to sell a lot of jewelry. To counteract this, they have to sell only very common, traditional pieces that they buy as cheaply as possible. Pawn shops are even worse. Since they sell things other than jewelry, they don’t really need to buy any from private sellers, and will give the lowest price possible and simply refuse to buy it if you refuse it.

The best place to sell diamonds and jewelry is a jewelry dealer with a large network of buyers- Revere Jewels has many buyers who are interested in a variety of stones and jewelry, unique pieces are valued very highly. Revere Jewels is A+ Accredited with the Better Business Bureau and they can always give you the best price, no matter what.

If you have a piece of jewelry to sell please fill out the below and an experienced jewelry consultant will contact you.

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