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How to Sell Engagement Ring

How to Sell Engagement RingSo you need to know how to sell engagement ring. There are all sorts of reasons to sell an engagement ring: she broke it off, you realized it would be a mistake, maybe you just want to trade up to a nicer one. No matter your reason, we at Revere Jewels know that it’s important to you, and you want the very best price for it when you sell it. You also want it to be the easiest process and the best service possible. We can provide that for you. Here’s how to sell engagement ring at Revere:

How to Sell Engagement Ring:

Option 1: Come in to our Beverly Hills location for a one-on-one appointment with a certified jewelry expert. It will be appraised, and we will make an offer. You walk out with either your ring or your cash.

Option 2: Mail your ring in to us via insured mail carrier. We will contact you with an offer, and send you back your ring or a check.

In some cases we can even come to the seller’s house to inspect the merchandise. No matter what option you choose, you will get the best price and the best service by selling at Revere Jewels.