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Sell GIA Certified Diamonds Online

Sell GIA Certified Jewelry OnlineThe best place to sell GIA Certified Diamonds online is Revere Jewels, hands down. It is very easy to sell GIA certified Diamonds with Revere because they are experienced jewelry experts who understand exactly what a GIA certificate means. Smaller jewelry stores and pawn shops often ignore a certificate because they know their buyers won’t care about it. Revere knows that having a GIA certificate makes it easier to resell, and because of that can give you a great price for it.

In some cases, having a GIA certificate will mean you do not need to send or bring your piece in for appraisal for them to make an offer. Because there is more to a piece of jewelry than just the diamond, though, often you will. Don’t worry though, because Revere makes it easy. All you have to do is mail it in via ensured mail carrier, or bring it to their Beverly Hills location for a one on one meeting with a jewelry expert. They will then make an offer, and if you accept, they will simply write you a check and you’re done! They make it as easy as possible. If you are looking to sell GIA certified Diamonds online, go with Revere Jewels.