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GIA Certified Diamonds

GIA Certified DiamondsRevere Jewels, located in Beverly Hills, California, is the leading trader of GIA certified diamonds. With the help of expert buyers and over 20 years of professional industry experience, Revere Jewels is a guaranteed solution for selling jewelry of all kinds and sorts. With the additional convenience of being able to conduct business from across the country, in accordance with Revere Jewels secure shipping method, Revere Jewels is an easy way to trade, sell, or purchase GIA certified diamonds.

On special occasion, an appraisal expert can be sent to the home of a seller to inspect their GIA certified Diamonds if the value is a high priority for Revere Jewels; making for another convenient way Revere Jewels adapts for cross-country business. Additional “insured Shipping” is offered through FEDEX DVX where jewelry can be insured for up to $50,000 to further ensure the ethical management of your product if it is decided to be shipped. Revere Jewels is, and will continue to be, a leader in jewelry exchange, including the exchange of GIA certified diamonds.