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Sell Jewelry From Home

sell jewelry from homeWant to sell jewelry from home? Revere Jewels makes it easy! As a high end jewelry dealer, we have two ways for you to sell jewelry from home. The first is for you to mail your pieces in via an insured mail carrier like FedEx DVX. We will then send you an offer, and if you accept, we simply send you the money. It’s that easy! If you decide to decline our offer, we will ship them back to you. If you need some extra security, we are happy to go through a third party Escrow company that can ensure that we get your jewelry only if you get the money. For very valuable collections, we can even send an armored courier to ensure the safety of your jewels en route.

The second method is for an expert jewelry appraiser to come to your home by appointment and inspect the jewelry there. This method allows you the security of your own home, and means you don’t have to make any special trips.

Of course, if you decide to not sell jewelry from home, you can always visit our Beverly Hills location and meet with an expert in person. We know your collections are important to you, and will only sell it to the company with the best offer and the best service. If you are planning to sell jewelry from home, go with Revere Jewels.