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Sell Jewelry

Sell Diamonds in AnaheimMany people are unsure of what to do when they need to sell jewelry. Pawn shops, local jewelers, and TV ads for questionable mail in programs all say they are the best choice. Often, though, these are either places that can’t or won’t give you the best deal, or are outright scams. You certainly won’t get the best price, they can be a hassle, and you can’t be completely sure your precious goods   are safe.

This is where Revere Jewels comes in. We are high end jewelry dealers that care about you and your jewels. We are easy to use, fast, and very secure. We have a couple different methods you can use to sell jewelry to make it as convenient as possible. You can mail it in, come in to our store, or, if you would rather sell jewelry from your house, we can sometimes send an expert appraiser to your door. Because of our many contacts throughout the industry, you can be sure you are always getting the best price. Call Revere Jewels for a free appraisal today and sell jewelry now.