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Sell Diamonds

sell diamonds“I was getting tired of my old jewelry collection, so I decided to sell diamonds and jewelry. It was still in good condition and very valuable, but it just wasn’t my taste anymore. I was very concerned about selling it, though, because most local places wanted less than half of what I paid for it. The gold trade-in places were even worse, because they didn’t care about the very nice diamonds on the pieces and wouldn’t even look at my silver and platinum jewelry. Luckily a friend told me I could sell diamonds at Revere Jewelry. After looking them up, I instantly wanted to sell diamonds and the rest of my collection to them. Turns out they even do trades, so I was able to replace most of my collection without going anywhere else. They even sent out an armored courier because my collection was too large and valuable to send through the mail. Thanks, Revere, I’ll never sell diamonds anywhere else.”