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Sell Engagement Ring

sell engagement ringAt least 40% of people will at one time need to sell engagement ring (s) throughout their life, and when they do, there are a smorgasbord of businesses ready and willing to jump at that bit. But why? Is there that much of a profit margin in the purchase of jewelry? Well, not really, if you are in the market of buying gold for scrap, like most pawn shops, and every cash for gold center around. They make their money by offering prices drastically under the market price, hoping that unsuspecting customers will fall for the trap, not knowing what their jewelry is worth. At Revere Jewels, who work with a network of fine jewelry buyers, when you want to sell engagement ring (s), they will evaluate your ring, not at scrap gold prices, but overall, diamonds included. So when you sell engagement ring (s) to Revere, you can be confident that they are offering you the highest possible price on your jewelry.