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Sell Jewelry for Cash

Instead of growing your collection of unworn ornaments, why not sell jewelry for cash? There is no point in keeping the jewelry that you never wear, and never will wear, unless you want to will it to your kids or relatives. Most people, however, would opt to sell jewelry for cash, and – who knows? Maybe use that cash toward a better end, even if that end means buying jewelry that they will wear. Either way, to sell jewelry for cash is to take a step in the right direction. If your high-end jewelry is just sitting in a box collecting dust, give it new life by mailing it via insured federal mail (expense paid by us) to Revere Jewels for an appraisal. Revere has a highly trained staff of professional appraisers who will give you a quote for your jewelry. If you accept it, they’ll pay you. If you do not, they’ll mail your jewelry back to you. You have nothing to lose. With federally insured mail, even a loss would be a gain!