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Sell Diamonds

sell diamondsIt’s time to sell diamonds that have been lying about your house(or, more likely, in your jewelry box). So where should you take them? Let me put it into perspective: do you take your car to your hairdresser to get fixed, or do you take it to the mechanic? Because if you sell diamonds to a pawn shop, expect to get a hair brush caught in your engine. If your diamonds are highly valued, make sure you sell diamonds to people who specialize in diamonds – make sure you sell diamonds to Revere Jewels. Revere’s appraisers are specially trained to evaluate high-end diamonds and jewelry. And that is the only thing that they specialize in. They don’t buy and sell guitars, or used televisions, or other knick knacks like a pawn shop. They are not jack-of-all-trades, and masters of none. They are jewelry buyers, period – why sell to anyone else?